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Autonomous Trucking Is Likely For The Future Of America

Alphabet is a tech company that owns Waymo. And if you haven’t already known before, you can tell that they are opening an autonomous-friendly facility. It is that which will accommodate many trucks at once. Waymo is planning on growing presence along many major interstates as they spread the Autonomous trucks throughout the area. There are already so many carrier partners that are using the space for new technology. Meanwhile the company continues to go towards fully self-reliant service.

Ryder System has also been focusing on autonomous fleet management services. This being as far as improving maintenance, roadside assistance and inspections for their trucking logistics. Additionally, there have already been sites rampant for the benefit of self-driving trucks throughout the city.

Karen Jones, chief marketing officer at Ryder has herself mentioned that “we see many opportunities to collaborate on autonomous trucking operations in order to successfully deploy these trucks at scale.”

Autonomous trucking takes a while to really organize but the chances of seeing good trucking hit the streets are becoming more evident everyday. Many real-life truckers are getting a little more scared of the mere possibility that autonomous trucking will be the future. The revolution is not that much further away. There will be cameras and sensors all around the truck cab to make sure that the empty seated trucks are still operational.

The Big Companies like UPS and USPS as well as Amazon are shipping with full intention to be the best service. Autonomous trucking is threatening to change an $800 billion industry. 600,000 teamsters are likely going to be sad with losing their jobs.


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